The Hofhuysje located in the center of Franeker. A stone's throw from downtown Franeker: de Breedeplaats.

Franeker has lots to offer. First of all the world famous Planetarium. But also the Museum Martena, the little 'Korendragershuisje' (corn carrier house), the stately professor houses, the 'Sjûkelân' and the lovely canals are worth visiting.

You can go for a nice walk on the Bolwerk where you will find beautiful tea houses. And you can stand still on the famous little bridge of the Eleven Cities' skating marathon. In the evening you can have dinner in one of the various nice restaurants and bring a visit to the theatre 'De Koornbeurs'.

On the Breedeplaats, there is also the beautiful Martini Church, where during the summer an exhibition takes place, and the old orphanage. If the weather is nice you can sit on the terrace for a drink.


Shops around the corner

You can reach the city's centre by foot. From the cottage you walk 30 metres and you will be on the Breedeplaats with the historical Martini church, the heart of Franeker. The baker, butcher, the greengrocer, the fish shop, the supermarkets, beautiful fashion stores, the bookshop to get your paper. Everything is nearby.

On the other side the Hofstraat ends on the Zuiderkade, the ring road of Franeker. There you will also find the pleasure boats, nice to walk by and have a drink on one of the terraces.

Every half hour a train leaves from Franeker to Leeuwarden or Harlingen. So by bike, by car or by train from the railway station (a 15 minutes' walk), you are in no time out of the city.

You can also go bowling in Franeker. Or swim in Bloemketerp. There are tennis courts and you can rent bikes!





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